Sourcing. Finding the right Suppliers for your Products.

What you can expect

  • LOGICON is a BUYING HOUSE with long-term experience in the fields of mechanics, electrics, electronics, optics, solenoid technology, conveyance, brewery equipment, recycling technology and more.
  • LOGICON disposes of a network of more than 500 long-term, reliable suppliers in Europe and abroad.
  • LOGICON also finds suppliers for non-standard parts according to customer’s drawings and specification.
  • LOGICON identifies favorable alternatives for existing customer’s sources.
  • LOGICON provides the service of sampling inspection.
  • LOGICON follows-up EOL (End-of-Life) status of suppliers’ products for its customers.
    Through long-term partnership with suppliers, LOGICON can offer favorable prices and buying conditions.
  • LOGICON sources for you A, B and C parts.
  • …so expect a competent, encompassing service for your procurement needs!