One-stop Supply. Taking Workload from your internal Departments.

The situation you might be in ...

  • You are manufacturing products in China or other Asian countries, but for special materials, components or tools you rely on imports from Europe.
  • You have several vendors in Europe, you place your orders to each of them, and you have to follow up every single delivery.
  • You receive invoices from each supplier and have to administer payments.
  • Your Logistics and Quality departments have to handle multiple goods receiving operations.
  • Often the administration costs exceed the goods’ value.
  • You want to improve this time consuming and inefficient process.

The solution we can offer you ...

  • We offer you “one-stop supply” from your European vendors.
  • You place one order to us which may comprise items from multiple suppliers.
  • We place orders to the vendors and follow up deliveries.
  • As far as lead times allow, we combine shipments to you.
  • We execute tax declarations and customs clearing and organize international transport.
    We take over all neccessary communication with your suppliers.

Your Advantages ...

  • You have to follow up only one order, you have fewer goods-in, you receive only one invoice. This takes workload from your Purchasing, Finance, Quality and Logistics departments. You save handling and financing costs.
  • Through us, you have a one-stop, easy-to-use communication interface between you and your vendors – and most times we speak your vendors’ language.
  • You simplify your international sourcing procedures and maintain your costs transparent.
  • We maintain a buffer stock of goods for repeated deliveries, thus shortening lead times.
  • Often you will benefit from cost savings through alternative vendors of the same product proposed by us.
  • You can rely on our long-term experience in sourcing, customs clearing and exporting goods from Europe to Asia.

Our Charges

  • Typically we charge you a fixed mark-up on the goods’ value, which depends on the type, volume and complexity of the business involved and which will be negotiated with you in advance.
  • If we can offer the same product at better conditions, we share the benefit.
  • Our charges are in a range which lets both sides be in a clear “win” position.
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