Supplier Development. Growing competent, reliable Suppliers.

Not all suppliers are perfect...

  • Some of your suppliers might have recurrent problems to maintain the quality standards you require.
  • Other (or the same) suppliers repeatedly do not keep to the promised lead times and delivery dates.
  • The supplier’s service or after-sales service might be insufficient.
  • The supplier does not provide timely information about changes of its product portfolio, in particular EOL (End-of-Life) information of particular products.
  • The supplier does not adhere to international rules and legislation, such as REACH, Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502, RoHS, WEEE and others.
  • Some suppliers are aware of their shortcomings, but do not dispose of the means and knowledge to overcome them.

Where we can help...

  • We audit the Quality Management System and the logistics operations of the concerned supplier(s) with focus on the observed deficiencies and provide a Gap Analysis against Best Practices.
  • We work out an action plan with timeline to overcome the respective shortcomings and support the supplier(s) in its implementation.
  • We help to introduce CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) for suppliers who wish to do so.
  • We monitor the suppliers’ performance regarding product quality, service level and adherence to product-related rules and legislation.
  • We observe changes in the suppliers’ product portfolio, in particular the EOL status of specific products, and communicate related information to our customers.

Your Advantages ...

  • Even if you have no direct access to your suppliers, because they are far away from your production site, you can improve their performance through the services we offer.
  • You can save time and money through reduced quality issues and delivery problems.
  • You can avoid difficulties in your own production caused by non-conform products and products arriving late at your site.

Our Charges

  • Services as described above we typically carry out on request from the customer, but also the supplier can invite us to support him in solving his quality and/or delivery problems.
  • Depending on the complexity and extent of the observed problems, we provide a fixed- price offer for auditing the supplier’s Quality Management System and logistics operations, comprising process analysis, Gap Analysis and action plan with timeline.
  • Subsequent services, such as implementation of the items described in the action plan, introduction of CIP and other services will be quoted based on the expected work volume.